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Mission Aircraft understands the problems of the smaller end general aviation aircraft owner. We emphasize communication, innovation, and a solutions-based focus that reflects the growing market. Combining emotional intelligence and understanding we build our client's trust to fulfill their lifelong dream to own an aircraft. 



14 years ago, while I was a young Lieutenant in the Air Force, I helped my father purchase his first personal airplane. The experience not only taught me a lot but established a foundation which would help me purchase my own airplane a few years later. Since then, because of my connections in the military and commercial aviation world, I have had several friends ask me for advice and help as they embarked on aircraft ownership. This coupled with some bad experiences I have had with large brokerages led me to the desire to establish something modern, different, and fun for the small aircraft enthusiast. Thus, Mission Aircraft. 




Growing up around a family of aviators played a major influence on my love for aviation. The call to fly just would not go away, and shortly after graduating from the University of Houston with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, I embarked on my own pilot journey. Following my passion I purchased my own airplane, obtained my ratings through commercial-multi and never looked back. Since then, I have assisted Hasan on several aircraft transactions, so when he approached me about Mission Aircraft the transition felt natural. He didn’t say he wanted to start a business, he said he wanted to do something about the current market. A market where those who chase profits forget what brings this aviation community together; our passion for flying. Mission is for pilots, by pilots.




Aviation was a part of my life growing up, all I could dream of was being in the sky. It was so ingrained in our family culture that I recall one year as a child when the Air Show was cancelled due to rain, I was absolutely heart broken. I officially began my journey as an aviator in 2016 when I earned my private pilot certificate. Now over 2000 flying hours later I am an ATP certified contract pilot with type ratings on Lear 75, Lear 45, Citaton CE-500, CE-560XL and a flight instructor holding a CFI/CFI-I, and MEI. Mission Aircraft helped me live out my childhood dream of owning an airplane to obtain my certificates and live out my dreams in the sky. I now want to give back and make your dreams come true too with the experience, passion, and integrity required to make you mission ready.

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