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Mission Aircraft is your trusted small aviation aircraft resource. 

Piper Cherokee 6_edited

Piper Cherokee 6_edited

Diamond DA-42_edited

Diamond DA-42_edited





When you decide to entrust us with your airplane we will not just send you a random appraisal that we hope we can sell your aircraft for. We physically go out to the aircraft, personally inspect it, take notes, look at the logs, and take professional pictures. This "big picture appraisal" in conjunction with industry comps allows us to paint a realistic picture of what we can bring to the market today. It allows us to take into consideration the love and pride of ownership the airplane represents, and gives us the ability to talk about your airplane as if it were our own.


Once we have had an opportunity to make our "big picture appraisal", we put that appraisal down in writing. We'll have a one-on-one session where we explain it in detail, answer questions or concerns, and ensure that you are happy with the number before we ever present it for sale. This makes for certain that you are content with the quality of our appraisal and gives a piece of mind that numbers are not being changed in the background to allow for extra dollars into the pockets of those allowing the dream of ownership to change hands.


At this point we are ready to advertise your aircraft worldwide with our standard 120 day listing agreement. Through our highly acclaimed website, social media outlets, trusted network of men and women at dealers who share the Mission Aircraft mentality, and an array of other award-winning aircraft consumer websites known throughout the General Aviation industry, your aircraft will be showcased to the world.

We do not make money until your aircraft has sold and closed 



When you decide to entrust us with the responsibility of finding your dream aircraft we start with a one-on-one session where we listen to all of your desires and price point to ensure we are bringing you the most mission specific and mission ready aircraft we can, within the confines of your budget, no matter where that may be. We take that information and go into our worldwide database and network as if it were going to be our personal aircraft.


During our 120-day acquisition agreement, we offer unlimited evaluations for the aircraft we
bring to the table. We investigate price comps, NTSB and FAA databases, logbooks, maintenance history, and title searches. Once we have found the aircraft that speaks to your mission, we even offer to go to the aircraft personally to give you that extra layer of confidence in the process.


The beauty of Mission Aircraft's acquisition policy is that we use flat fees. Unlike other brokers who bring you % based acquisition fees our approach allows us the ability to bring you what we feel is the better aircraft even if it is below or slightly above budget so you have the confidence of knowing that we are not doing it to earn a few extra dollars but because we actually feel this is the right aircraft for your mission. 

We do not make money until you have found the perfect aircraft.  



We are a one-stop shop for your customers from title search, registration, closing,
aircraft financing, state tax laws, pre-buy inspections, aircraft ferry, and everything in between. This
attention to detail is brought to you with our guarantee that unlike other dealers and brokers we do not make a single cent on referrals. Everyone we bring to the table, should you decide to use them, is there because they are trusted and share our ethos.



We want to become a trusted advisor and a friend, your industry expert during this whole process because we believe this is how we build a foundation and form your trust, not the nickel-and-dime game that brokers often do on the backs of those that drive the passion of aviation. We are with you every step of the way, wherever the mission takes you, ensuring you always fly mission ready.


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